Ongoing Projects

Ever wonder what it would be like to have no needs?   None whatever?  Don’t have to eat, drink, even breathe.   No more bathroom pit-stops, no more loss of many hours a day for sleep, no more paying out money for a roof over your head.  Wouldn’t need clothing either, if you were willing to accept the social repercussions.  But why would you care about that anyway?  You don’t need anything.

If you had no needs, would you still have motivation?  If so, what would drive you?  Or would you just sit around doing nothing?  You can’t die, so that would be an awfully bleak eternity – at least to those of us who have needs.  How would you fill your days and nights?  Could there be anything important to you if you require nothing?

These questions, and more, are at the basis of my next novel.  The working title is “Bikerman” as the main character rides a motorcycle.  Even his bike does not need gas, oil or maintenance.  It cannot be dented and he cannot be injured.  But what does he do with his sudden release from want?

For now, Bikerman is in the process of working all this out.  I’m about a third of the way through the book and things are… interesting.  I will keep you informed as the project unfolds.

Soon to Be


This is a story of a man who confronts his mortality.  Most of the action takes place while he is walking his dog, Waldo.  Publication is pending.



This is a story of a man in the midst of an existential crisis.  He travels to East Africa where he comes face-to-face with life in its essence.  Publication pending.

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